Dongdaemun Design Plaza

The Dongdaemun Design Plaza (DDP) was designed by world-renowned British Iraqi architect Zaha Hadid, winner of the 2004 Pritzker Prize, with the concept of "Metonymic Landscape." Metonymy refers to a

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Woman’s wear

Outer Dress Top Skirt Pants Lingerie Ludia/Pyeonghwa 1fl Ga022 T)02-2278 4473 Bag Shoes

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Center of the K-fashion

from How to Look Fly AF in Korea from Asian Boss

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Street food – Tteok-bokki, Gimbap

Tteok-bokki  or stir-fried rice cakes is a popular Korean food made from small-sized garae-tteok (long, white, cylinder-shaped rice cakes) called tteokmyeon ( "rice cake noodles") or commonly tteok-bokki-tteok ("tteok-bokki rice cakes"). Fish cakes, boiled eggs, and scallions are some of…

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